August 18, 2021

Our Top Tips for Virtual Event Planning with The Atelier Collective

I had a chance to have a wonderful conversation with the founders of The Atelier Collective, Taryn Herrit and Angela Osborne on The Love by Lynzie Podcast, which you can listen to HERE.

The Atelier Collective is a community for ambitious women in business. They plan live events and have an online community, both offering actionable advice and inspiration to help women level up their careers and businesses. As the pandemic took hold, they quickly pivoted to online events and grew their engaged online community with consistency.

So what’s the secret to this continuous success? Here are their top tips for engaging with your online community and planning successful virtual events.

1) Know where your ideal client or demographic hangs out:

As a business owner, the job won’t stop after launching your business. The most important part is how and where you can get your clients, find attendees and engage with those people. The online space is very vast. Having a website is not enough and you need to know where your ideal client is hanging out. The Atelier Collective knew that Instagram would be the right platform for their business model because Instagram is a visual platform where they can share snaps from their events and engage with the community at the same time. Plus, their demographic of millennial women was hanging out on IG everyday.

The Atelier Event

2) Use Social Media to Build Excitement about your Upcoming Virtual Events

Upon securing your venue, your speakers, your gift boxes- whatever it is, use that content to create social posts that will build momentum for your virtual event. The Atelier is always great at coordinating speaker announcements with their speakers and ensuring their speakers have assets to push on their own social channels, instantly growing their audience. The use images of the venue, the swag and the food to really tell a story of what attendees can expect and these elements make for great social content.

3) Make your event Shareable

When it comes to their events, The Atelier’s social following grows exponentially on event days and closely thereafter, because there are so many people sharing their experience on social media. Investing in good design both in person and digitally is paramount to ensuring your event is “instagrammable”. You also want to create opportunities for your attendees to capture their own content so baking in photo opp moments through an online or in person photobooth or through a group action like a “cheers” shot are easy ways to ensure people will post.

4) Engage all 5 senses when hosting Virtual Events

After considerable research into online events, Ang and Taryn learned that most online event lacked (and most millennial attendees craved) an immersive experience. From there, they came up with “The Experience Box”: A box delivered pre-event directly to your door in a time where product discovery is limited, when you don’t even want to leave your house to go to the grocery store- it was the perfect covid solution and one that’s been emulated since. Every element that was in the experience box was woven into the event in some way- through taste, touch, smell, sight and all products were highlighted in the online event to fully integrate attendees.

back drop for virtual event

5) Engage Your Community when Planning

The Atelier engaged women owned businesses when considering what to include in their experience box. Not only does this align with their company ethos, but it creates even more online conversation. Their wine came from a women-owned vineyard, the products were from women-owned businesses, and these businesses were excited to be a part of the event and share their participation with their wider audience.

6) Hire the right Audio/Visual Professionals for a Slick Event Delivery

We’ve had to quickly educate ourselves about virtual event delivery and the platforms can be overwhelming and endless. The experience can be like running a Live broadcast TV show, live broadcast for upwards of 2 hours at a time, in the Atelier’s case- 7 hours. A TV producer wouldn’t run a live show without a trained crew and Event professionals shouldn’t run live digital events without the right AV team who are trained in virtual event production. You need to understand the immersive capabilities of your platform, the number of attendees, bandwidth needs, user experience and design and so much more when planning a virtual event. Investing in the right AV team will be paramount to your success. In Toronto, we love Junoo and King Events for these capabilities.

Planning virtual events has been a welcome challenge over the past year and we’ve been lucky to work with clients like Sephora, K-Y Canada and The Pop-Up Chapel Co. to go virtual or hybrid. If you’re looking to make your virtual event happen, all you have to do is contact us and we can chat about the possibilities!

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator