February 10, 2021

Sephora Holiday Media Preview

If you’ve ever set foot in a Sephora store (and who could resist!) you know that it’s like being a kid in a candy store. We wanted to take that experience and amp it up for the 2020 Sephora Holiday Media Preview. Staying true to Sephora’s brand, we played with texture, shape and bold colour to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. The event was centered around Love and Gratitude which was reflected throughout each display and activation.

It’s no secret that 2020 threw everyone in the events industry for a loop! We really had to re-imagine this event so that it would capture the imaginations of guests while keeping everyone safe. In collaboration with The Colony Project, we were able to execute an immersive experience which consisted of a Welcome Space, four unique product display rooms and two interactive stations.

Media were greeted outside the doors of the ever-hip 5 Brock by a towering arch, hand painted in a vivid warm palette and decked out with gorgeous floral accents by Blush and Bloom.  Guests entered through the Welcome Space which featured a custom vinyl floor, check-in station and a Sephora branded photo op, all designed with layer upon layer of bold geometric shapes. To keep everyone safe, the floor also featured decals with cheeky sayings to remind people to social distance and sanitizer stations were placed throughout. During check-in, every guest was given a “Sephora Passport” to guide them through each of the spaces and highlight all the products on display.

From there, guests were ushered into the first product display room. The focal point of this room was an eye-catching balloon display descending from the ceiling. Products were laid out on a mix of colourful, and clear acrylic pedestals that held bright blooms inside. The next space really evoked the Holiday spirit with dozens of hand-wrapped gifts serving as multi-level tables to show off product. This was paired with a photo-op made from rolls of wrapping paper with the acrylic gold mirrored message that “Giving Connects Us All”.

To show off all of the season’s hottest fragrances we created a install where each bottle would be displayed on it’s own mini pillar. Large gold-leafed triangles accented the bold pinks and reds in this install as well as the on-theme phrase “It’s The Beauty You Give”. The final product display room is a personal favorite of ours with three over-sized tonal rainbows, each with a heart dangling from it’s center showing off the message “There is Beauty in Giving”. This room also featured a live DJ, Cozmic Cat, who kept the good vibes flowing throughout the event.

Once guests made there way through the glittering product displays they were invited to take place in the two activations. Carlee Dowset of Sunday Brunch  made clay earrings on site for each guest in custom colours and shapes that matched the event branding. For each pair of earrings created, guests got to choose one of five charities for Sephora to donate $10 to; Red Cross, Black Solidarity Fund, Rare Impact Fund, or Indspire. This was followed by the chance to send to someone you love a giftcard to Sephora via Sephora Post. This meant writing a message of love on a uniquely designed postcard and packing it up in a shiny gold mailer to be dropped into our adorable baby blue Sephora Post mail box.

In order to serve as many people as possible this event wasn’t limited to an in-person experience. We created a microsite showcasing two videos shot by Kismet Creative and produced by Love by Lynzie; a sizzle reel of the experience and an intimate chat with the Sephora Pro-Artist Lou Swinden-Payne sharing her favourite products of the season.

We absolutely love working with brands and products that think outside of the box. At Love by Lynzie, we’re a Toronto based Corporate Event Planning, but with a twist. We’re ready and excited to plan an incredible corporate event for your company!











Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator