April 29, 2016

LBL Wedding Tips: Flowers-What’s in season?


Love ‘em or hate ‘em flowers make a statement at a wedding or event. They add to the atmosphere and can really dictate your creative direction. It’s important to keep in mind what time of the year you are planning your event for when choosing your flowers. Making selections that are in season not only makes it easier to achieve the look you want, you also don’t have to splurge.

Spring time


Spring always feels new, light, and exciting. There are so many beautiful choices available around this time of the year. Make sure to include Anemones, they add an elegant touch with their midnight navy/black centres and colourful petals. If you want to add texture, you need Peonies!! Another great textured flower is the Ranunculus. Great centrepiece options include hydrangea, lilac, and tulips. A fun fact about tulips: they continue to grow even when cut! Keep the colour palette fun and fresh and you have the perfect arrangements for your spring party!

Summer Time


No one can argue that summer is not a fun filled season! After being cooped up inside the summer heat makes us feel good. When planning your summer bash and if you know you want to add colour (like we do!) make sure to look at Garden Roses. They are lush and add visual interest to your arrangements. Also think about Gerber Daisies, Delphinium, and Poppies! If you are looking at the middle to end of the summer Dahlias are a gorgeous statement and come in a variety of vibrant colours.

Fall Time


This season has become a favourite among brides and grooms everywhere! The days are crisp and then evenings a little cool (perfect for all night dance parties!). With a warmer colour palette inspired by the changing leaves around, you can’t go wrong with Cafe Au Lait Dahlias!  Roses add a touch of classic elegance, and look out for the two tone or ombre ones around this season. The most unique flower available in the fall is the Leucadendron! Their shape adds a totally different look to your event and the colour is versatile. Play with textures and dark greens to make all these options really pop!

Winter Time


Well the weather outside is frightful, but inside can be so lovely! After your guests brave the cold you want them to come into a warm beautiful room. There are a few flowers that can help you there! Amaryllis flowers come in an array of colours and add an almost summertime vibe to your arrangement. This is a good time of the year to use different thistles, feathers, and other garnishes. Adding them brings a different shape and texture to your over all decor. Make sure to add lots of evergreens and sprinkle some holly berries for a little colour. Keep warm and enjoy your winter wonderland!

Now that you got the low down on what’s in when, you will have no problem picking out what flowers you want to have at your event! You can find more helpful LBL Wedding Tips HERE. We’ve got loads more ideas and hints on our Pinterest wedding tips board.
Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator