March 15, 2017

How to be the best bridesmaid ever

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It is a great honour to be asked to stand as a bridesmaid for the wedding of your friend or family member. A person’s wedding is one of the most important days of their life. It is a day that will be recorded, photographed, and remembered for their entire life. The people they ask to be part of that memory are very special to them.

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If you accept the position of bridesmaid, you want to be the best bridesmaid ever. You want nothing more than to ensure that your friend has the wedding of her dreams, and you are willing to do your part to make it happen. Here are some tips to help you in your quest.

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Bridesmaid dress

Help the bride make some key decisions on the bridesmaid’s dresses. This includes colors, length, style, weather the dresses will be the same or chosen by each bridesmaid.

    • Offer to coordinate with the other members of the bridal party to ensure the dresses are ordered and altered in a timely manner

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Be her shopping buddy

    • The bride will have a lot of shopping to do and there will be times when she just does not want to go. Be her shopping buddy. Keep a logbook of what has been ordered and what needs to be picked up and when.

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  • Have non-wedding conversations

You were friends before the wedding and that included other interests. The wedding will take center stage for months and it will sometimes drive you crazy. Set some time aside for your other interest. Kidnap her and go to a movie, out for a drink, or hit a yoga class.

Help with the Honeyfund

    • Help the bride set up and manage her Honeyfund account. This includes setting up a Facebook page for the wedding, a Twitter account, and getting the word out to friends and family. Someone will need to send out thank yous and update wishes as they come along. Bottom line is the Honeyfund registry should be working for the bride and groom for the months leading up to the wedding. If no one is managing it, it will grow stale and stall.

Throw her a bachelorette party

    • Put the effort into planning a bachelorette party that is customized just for her. If she would like the bar scene, go for it. But if she is more champagne and tea, think outside the box to give her a social event beyond the traditional. If she is a nature lover, consider a camping weekend. The point, make the party about her.

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Know when to step up and when to step back

There are times when she needs someone to take control and take care of business. But there are times when you should fall in line with the others and just be part of the group.

Hang in there

Even if you would normally be one of the first to leave an event, you should hang in there until the end of the event. The bride may need something or she may not, but having you there to support her until the end of the wedding and reception will mean a lot to her.

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Follow up on details

If the bride made arrangements to donate the wedding flowers to a local senior citizen home, or the leftover foods from the reception to a local homeless shelter, follow up to ensure these things have been taken care of. This is a nice thing for those who need them and it means none of the money spent was wasted.

You are the best!

Give yourself a pat on the back. You are the best bridesmaid ever. In all the activity, the bride may not see it. But as things settle down she will, and your friendship will be stronger than ever.

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