July 10, 2020

How the Best Wedding and Event Planners are Staying Creatively Inspired Pt 2.

So, it’s been real. The Wedding and Events Industry has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and Event Planners are surely feeling it. But, with years of experience in this business of planning, designing, executing and maintaining relations with clients, Event Planners have shown to be resilient and proactive in responding to the ever-changing environment that we have found ourselves in.

As a way to keep our hearts lifted and excited for the weddings we get to celebrate after this has all passed, we caught up with top Industry Wedding and Event Planners, who share their secrets on staying creatively inspired, hopeful and motivated during COVID-19. From raw stories about tough challenges they’ve faced to new found talents they’ve discovered over the course of working from home, they tell all and offer some insightful pointers on boosting creativity for aspiring event planners. Curious to know what they are?

Read below to learn more.

Hear from Elope with Us

Elope with Us is an all-inclusive Vancouver based wedding and elopement planning company that focuses on intimate, destination weddings and vow renewals. The concept was dreamed up by Michelle Chan of Eternity Moments and Lisa Lee-Truong of Shing Weddings when they realized that the costs, stress and customs of the traditional wedding is not meant for everyone.

What are your top 3 three hacks to staying creative during COVID-19?

a) We modified our services to adapt to COVID-19! Our Elope with Us services were only available for Monday-Thursday for intimate weddings, vow renewals and Vancouver destination weddings with an exclusive team of vendors, however with COVID-19, venues are now allowing us to book all 7 days of the week and to help couples who have booked a team of vendors already, we are open to working with them. Vancouver is currently for intimate weddings.

b) Got our foot into style shoots to showcase floral and decor inspirations that we sometimes get too busy for.

c) We started a Zoom Masterminds group where we have meetings with other local Vancouver weddings vendors to discuss business ideas, check up on each other and to keep each other updated with current events.

Any new found talents you’ve discovered through #WFH that you think will yield more creativity when you get back to the office?

With the time we have saved from #WFH, we have been listening to more Podcasts, we have learned a lot in the last few months. Moving forward, we will designate more time to learn new things.

Hear from Anna Di Carlo

Forward Events + Design is a full service special event planning and design company based in Hamilton offering exclusive and creative event solutions for the unique and creative! We asked Anna, Owner and Creative Director of Forward Events + Design how she was staying creative during COVID-19.

What are your top 3 three hacks to staying creative during COVID-19?

a) Stay in touch: My team and I still have our weekly meetings where we talk about how to move Forward Events + Design in a positive and productive direction amid quarantine.

b) Be active: get out, enjoy the sunshine, sweat at least once a day and take the time (now) to relax and recharge.

c) Draw inspiration from multiple sources: bloggers, makeup artists, colour palettes, architecture, interior design…you can draw inspo from almost anything.

What has been your biggest Challenge?

Staying motivated has been a big challenge for not only myself, but the entire team. Some days, it can feel like we are so far from being able to celebrate all together again, and some days we feel super creative and ready to get back as soon as we can.

Any projects you have in the works to share with the world once we get back to our regular routine?

YES! Of course, we are working on The Pop-Up Chapel Co. which we are incredibly excited about. We will be creating a line of table top decor and an awesome custom proposal package which will also be available virtually. We’re eager to get our monthly event series up and running again (in real life) and we have some cool partnerships we have been working on that we are looking forward to launching soon!

Hear from Lynzie Kent

Founder and Creative Director here at Love By Lynzie and The Pop-Up Chapel Co., Lynzie Kent, has an extensive background in events, weddings, entertainment and growing three 6-figure companies. At Love by Lynzie, you’ll find years of event management experience matched with creative design ideas that will bring your dream wedding to life. Here’s what Lynzie shares with us on creativity during COVID.

What are your top 3 three hacks to staying creative during COVID-19?

My biggest hack for staying creative during COVID-19 has been getting outside. When I’m outside and off my screen, my mind can open up and stew on an idea, imagining the possibilities without the anxiety of unfinished work staring back at me. I’ve also always been able to work well under pressure and COVID has applied so much pressure, too much pressure, so my brain has been answering the “what-ifs” with creative possibilities for new events, designs, and solutions for our couples and clients. When I have these “aha” moments, I jot them down. I think writing down your creative ideas in your phone, in a notebook etc. helps you reflect back on them later and gives you a chance to sleep on them and see what other thoughts come to you as you begin to open up and expand on these ideas.

What has been your biggest Challenge?

Aside from extreme loss of revenue and emotionally supporting our clients, vendors and my staff through this experience, my biggest challenge has been accepting the reality of the situation and accepting my emotional response to it. I’m a doer, a fixer, and believer that hard work nets results. In this case, I’ve been shown that so much is out of my control and I have to succumb to the circumstances in some cases. This doesn’t mean I have to give up fighting for our company and clients, but it has meant reframing the situation in my mind continuously and learning new ways to engage and connect with potential opportunities.

Any projects you have in the works to share with the world once we get back to our regular routine?

We’re working on a Podcast, an E-Course all about event planning and we’ve recently started offering virtual Interior Styling. I don’t think these projects need to wait until we get back to the regular routine! COVID-19 has taught me that a lot of the stories we tell ourselves day in and day out are just not true- you can launch right now with what you have. There is no need to wait. You can learn and finesse as you go. When you are backed into a corner, it’s not a great feeling, but I think that’s when we can push out our best work that connects with our truest offering.

“I’m an aspiring Event Planner and COVID has shaken things up for me, how do I stay inspired?” Here’s a few ideas we’ve rounded up from our planners:

CONNECT. Reach out to your inspirational Wedding/Events Planner and ask them what they’re doing differently as a result of COVID. What is their approach? How have they achieved their goals? Getting their perspective might just push you towards your own goals.

PRACTICE SELF-CARE & SELF-REFLECTION. It can be difficult when everyone is going through the same thing and sharing their thoughts in one space, so take a step back and give yourself the attention you need. If you’re overwhelmed, take some time out. You deserve it!

GET BACK TO READING. If you’ve put reading on halt, get back into it. You’ll be surprised how it can stimulate your creativity!

TUNE IN TO A PODCAST. Shortlist a few podcasts that share content you enjoy and would be able to apply to your very own buzz or project.

WORK AT YOUR PACE. Everyone has their own work style and it’s important to understand what works best for you. Don’t feel pressured.

BE ACTIVE & STAY POSITIVE. Maintaining a positive outlook and keeping yourself busy with the things you enjoying working on can be super helpful in improving your drive and creativity.

Although our Event Professionals would otherwise leverage in person brainstorming sessions, meetings with prospective clients or leisure activities, COVID-19 has encouraged new and unique ways of doing business, staying creative and getting their craft out into the world. We can truly say, we’re inspired. Kudos to our Industry Pros! If you’re working from home or social distancing away from your usual creative spaces like our Event Planners, check out our blog covering Top Tips to Staying Productive During COVID-19.

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator