November 10, 2020

From our Favourite Photographers: Wildest Engagement Photoshoots

It’s official! You and your partner have picked a date and you’ve shared the good news with close friends and family. What’s next? Maybe you’re ready to dive straight into planning your big day or organizing your dream bachelorette and/or bachelor getaway with your bridal party. Or, maybe your next step is planning the most romantic, personalized engagement shoot with a photographer whose work resonates with you!

If the latter sounds like you, keep reading as we highlight some of the wildest engagement photoshoot sessions captured by some of our favourite photographers in the industry! From moody waterside shoots to boho-chic sessions, these snaps will sweep you off your feet and inspire you to plan your very own engagement shoot that commemorates the good news in a way that truly speaks to YOU!

Get inspired by some of our photographers’ fave and most memorable shoots below!


Photo by Alicia Thurston Photography

Inspired by this couple’s cozy space, love for food and intimate connection, Alicia Thurston captures candid moments that will make you grin. Here’s why this engagement shoot stood out to her: “They wanted it to be relaxed, more like I was a fly on the wall rather than posed. Eating chicken wings on their couch is their thing and it made sense to capture that for them.”

What other engagement shoots do you hope to capture in the future?  
“A dream engagement shoot that is hanging out on my bucket list would be a cozy fall Muskoka sesh! Log cabin by the water, some snuggly indoor shots with sweaters and coffee. Some photos sitting on the dock and some photos hiking through the woods, I’m there for it!”


Photo by Mango Studios 

This couple’s outdoorsy skate park engagement made for the perfect laid-back session that still turned out to be romantic and fun! We asked Mango Studios why this shoot was so unique to them: “Karli and Steve are a young downtown couple, they know how to have fun. All we want is to be able to capture their energy and story. This was our pick because we just absolutely love it. It is a true example of when our couple is being their unique selves and are not afraid of doing things for an awesome shot!”

What do you hope to capture with couples in the future?
“We are always excited to collaborate with our clients. We encourage our clients to do something more than just going to a park. Whether it’d be something fun like a shoot at a skatepark to an engagement shoot in a private estate, the variety keeps us on our toes and our creative wheel turning.”


Photo by Alix Gould 

Adding to an already beautiful backdrop of nature, this couple opted to include two super cute llama’s for a fun photo opp! We asked Alix Gould why this shoot was special to her: “I picked this shoot because, c’mon, Alpacas! It was so great to step away from the traditional engagement session, and do something truly unique. When bride Beverly turned to me half way through and said, “This is my dream” with a huge smile on her face, I knew this was a special one.”

What were some of the challenges you encountered during this shoot?
“Alpacas don’t really care that they’re in a photo shoot. So encouraging them to behave was a bit of a challenge. But the people at Forget Me Not Alpacas were super helpful.”


Photo by Marcucci Photography 

Love is literally in the air for this couple! If you love adventures and want to add an element of surprise to your shoot – we say go for it. This couple did just that and ended up with some incredibly romantic and unique snaps! We asked Lea Marcucci why this shoot was so unique to her: “I loved this day so much, and I got to photograph it alongside a fellow photographer as a team (Nicole Alex Photography). Dylan made the plan to fly Deanne to Bon Echo on a “contest” she won and wanted to propose to her on the beach there!

The water plane was supposed to land at the marina dock but wasn’t able to, so with some panicked but fun texts between myself on the beach and Nicole in the plane, they ended up landing like something out of a dream on Mazinaw Lake and driving Deanne right up to the beach! It couldn’t have been more perfect for them. The sun lit up the cliffs at Bon Echo and the fog rolled across the water just as he was proposing, surprise!”

Inspired? We hope you are! Although engagement photoshoots are not a must-do, they are a great way to have fun with your partner as soon-to-be bride and groom while celebrating the good news with your nearest and dearest. Whatever style or mood you choose to go with, meet with your photographer and create a game plan for shoot day that will allow both you and your bae to create heartwarming memories for eternity!

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator