June 2, 2015

Forecast: Nuptials With a Chance of Rain


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It’s Raining. It’s Pouring. The Old Man is Snoring. You can still have a great wedding.

One of the most controversial yet important things to discuss when planning a wedding is your Rain Plan, your plan B, your “let’s get real” plan. The thing is, we live in Canada, one of the most temperate and unpredictable weather systems in the world with all four seasons, so failing to plan for rain on your wedding day is like failing to buy the right underwear for your dress- just plain careless.  Contrary to popular belief, while your wedding planner can control many things, she or he cannot control the weather. Take it from me. It torrentially down poured the night before my wedding, complete with fork lightening on the lake with no signs of stopping. This meant my dreams of a sunny English garden style soiree were growing slim and I needed to get real and think fast. Here are our top tips for making sure you are ready for the dreadful reality of rain.

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1)   Talk about it! If you are planning an outdoor wedding or ceremony, you need to broach the subject with your venue and coordinator well in advance. Once you’ve discussed the flow of the day for Plan A, bring up the doomy gloomy topic of Plan B. Discuss the location of the ceremony, the cocktail hour and dinner and how the logistics of these locations will affect your bridal party, your guests and your wedding planning team. Pretending that rain doesn’t exist will do you no favours and leave you scrambling for a solid rain plan last minute. Plan ahead.

2)   Timing! Watch the weather forecast for about 2 weeks leading up to your wedding. If it is calling for rain about 1 week out, ensure that all the items needed for your rain plan are securely in place. If you need that extra tent, book it. If you need to move the ceremony to a small church near by, notify them. Ask these types of vendors what the absolute drop dead date is for you to cancel or confirm their services in case of rain.

3)   Protect Yourselves! The week of the wedding, delegate a bridal party member to head to your local department store and grab your entire crew matching umbrellas! If your girls have them, wear matching rain boots. Ensure that you have a warm pashmina or shawl that you’d like to wear over your bridal gown for the times when you need to be outdoors. Look at your transportation options for the day- can you get cars to bring you right to the door so heavy rain won’t ruin your hair? Consider each step you will take on the day to ensure you are keeping as dry as possible.

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4)   Consider Your Photos! If you planned to do stunning outdoor photos during your formal shoot portion of the day, speak to your photographer about Plan B locations for these photos. Consider doing your photos indoors in a beautiful heritage building or in a park with a covered patio or gazebo. Wherever you choose for your Plan B photo location, be sure you have the correct permits needed for taking photos in this spot.

If you are a bride who is insistent on having detail photos taken of your décor  or wide sweeping shots of your reception room, consider where your Plan B will leave your guests. If you can’t do cocktails outside and now need to have guests in the reception room during cocktails, you’ll need to plan for a different time for your photographer to get your décor and detail shots. This could mean an earlier set up time for your wedding planning team.  It may mean more work and longer hours, but the worst thing is asking your guests to move once they’ve set up shop at their table just so the photographer can take a room shot. Remember, the comfort and consideration of your guests should be a top priority.

5)   Budget for Rain! Unfortunately, rain plans can cost you quite a bit of money. Splurging on those clear umbrellas or booking that extra tent will be a shock to the system if you didn’t plan for it. Keeping a rain contingency budget means that you won’t feel stretched when the wedding date comes. If you are lucky enough that it’s a sunny, gorgeous day, you can use this extra cash for your honeymoon or splurging on a late night food truck or showering your guests with premium brand champagne. Let’s be honest- no one is ever angry about extra money.

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Look, no one wants rain on their wedding day and when people say to you “its good luck”, they are just trying to make you feel better, but you can call bullsh*t if you want. I remember on the morning of my wedding when I was stressed about the rain, my sister in law said to me “You are getting married today no matter what, so you better start smiling” and that really stuck with me. I say it now to every single one of my brides when it rains. You are getting married on your wedding day no matter the weather, so ultimately you have the choice to embrace it and make it fun. Get those crazy, amazing, back lit shots of you and your beloved kissing in the rain. Stomp in puddles with your girlfriends and ruin the shoes you will likely never wear again.  Listen for the romantic sound of rain drops hitting the roof of the tent when you walk down the aisle. Plan for a solid rain plan in advance, lean on your vendors to bring it to life for you, and  embrace the circumstances that will give you stories to tell for years to come.


Photograph by Avangard Photography

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator