May 25, 2020

A Gatsby Affair: Stefanie & Andrew

Imagine a time where Gatsby’s world came to life. From immersive experiences displayed throughout the grounds of the beautiful Graydon Hall Manor to epic decor elements that made you feel like you stepped back in time to the iconic roaring 20’s – Stef and Andrew’s wedding was an absolute thrill to plan. They enlisted LBL as their planning team when they heard that we were the go-to’s for immersive, experience based events that would surprise and delight their guests.

To kick off this incredible Gatsby Affair, our star couple, Stefanie and Andrew brought the wow factor rolling up in Gatsby-esque style, dressed to play the part, in a vintage Rolls Royce. As guests arrived, dressed to the nines in their 20s attire, they were welcomed by a wall of envelopes individually addressed to them. Each envelope came with a personalized note from the couple along with a program of events. Some contained a secret objective that guests had to carry out throughout the evening (think “learn to foxtrot”) while others received the password to the secret speakeasy that opened later that evening.

From one activation to another we moved on to the ceremony that was to remain the most sacred part of the day, formed into a circle with large life-sized feathers to encourage the feeling of inclusivity and being amongst loved ones. As the ceremony came to a close, the fun continued with 2 actors masquerading as guests barged into the party pretending to be late. Yes, this wedding was all about bringing the cast to life. So cue the marching band that set the vibe at cocktail hour, then transitioning to a jazz band that performed in the main hall as guests enjoyed oysters, cocktails and abundant hors d’oeuvres for dinner. Decked out with vintage lounges, gorgeous floral chandeliers, and lots of glittering, deco-themed accents, the mansion was full of eye-candy.

For some added entertainment, we had a poet write spontaneous prose for guests to take home, a cigar roller stationed in the library, a luxury whisky tasting, and a troupe of actors in character as Gatsby’s guests interacting with the wedding’s actual guests. Our actors were armed with 1920’s slang and dance moves to make the event feel authentically vintage. Stationed in the old chapel was a beautiful white grand piano. Our character, “Cole Porter” played and wrote improv songs about guests as they came in the room. Soon enough, guests joined in the fun and sang together in celebration. As the night went on, the secret speakeasy opened in the basement and welcomed all guests who had a secret password. If you were amongst those that entered, you earned access to a fully stocked bar, and stunning portrait sketches penned by talented illustrators.

This was hands down our most elaborate wedding of the season. The evening finished with our very own Gatsby and Daisy (our groom Andrew and bride Stef) toasting the crowd with a champagne tower. Once they sealed their toast with a kiss, 16 pyro sparklers which surrounded our outdoor fountain were ignited – a truly exciting movie-esque finale. Every detail held special meaning and made the night one that would be remembered as truly magical. We are so grateful to work with Andrew and Stef who were committed to hosting an event that gave new meaning to guest experience. Check out the stunning pictures and the incredible vendors we worked with below!

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator

Love by Lynzie | Toronto Event and Wedding Planner | Event Design | Social Content Creator