Our Team

Lynzie Kent- Owner and Lead Planner/ Singer of Songs/ Vintage Junkie

Growing up, my parents were musicians, sometimes playing 6 shows a week, making me a pretty unique kid. When I was little, I passed time with babysitters doing craft after craft. As a teenager without parents home on weekends, I discovered my love for throwing the perfect party and was always caught. Then as a young adult, I began filling in for my mother singing at events, and I discovered my intense desire to create the perfect centre piece.  Watching entrepreneurial parents made me an entrepreneurial child. I set up a sidewalk store where I sold my painted rocks.  I charged admission to my theatrical debut in the basement. I even planned a teddybear wedding with a black tie dress code. People actually showed up for this. I was 10.  Being a host, leading a crowd, obsessing over a perfect bow, making 260 tissue paper pom poms- its what I do, its what I love, and its what I want to do for you.

With over 10 years of experience in the event and entertainment industry, I have worked for and with some inspiring people including Mark Breslin’s Yuk Yuk’s, The Dance Company, Ginger’s Closet, Russell Broom, God Made Me Funky, Ontario Place, Randolph Academy, Elaine Overholt, The Drake Hotel and many more. I am dedicated to finding what makes your project unique and celebrating it. Life’s biggest moments deserve immense attention to detail, a colour scheme, uninhibited joy and of course, a whole lotta love… Zeppelin reference anyone?

xo lynzie


Andrew Bremner- Co-Owner and Bookkeeper/ Manly Support/ Metal headAndrew
Favourite Band: Metallica
Nickname: Breminator or Nation
Favourite Type Of Wedding: One with great food
Love of your Life: Lynzie

Carlee Wright-Event Coordinator/ Lynzie’s Right Hand Man/ Master Mixologist
Favourite Type of Wedding: One with a great dance party
Most Embarrassing Possession: My Collection of Romance Novels
Guilty Pleasure: Vino
Love of my Life: My High School Sweetheart

Emily Ward- Event Coordinator/ PR Wiz/ Mommy of Munchkins
Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 8.41.34 PM
Favourite Colour: Purple
Most Embarrassing posession: I have all my diary’s from middle school and high school. Can’t decide if I’m going to burn them or keep them so I can remember how intense the girl world is when my daughter starts acting like a teenager.
Friends Describe you as: connected, driven, energetic
Best 80s Song: Bon Jovi – Livin on a Prayer

Kay Kent- Graphic Designer/ Creative Illustrator/ Brand New Mommy
Favourite Colour: seafoam or mustard
Favourite Type Of Wedding: vintage with a modern twist
Most Embarrassing possession: a resin replica of Voldemort’s wand
Guilty Pleasure: putting cheese on everything
Love of your Life: paper, all types and patterns

Wade Muir- Resident Visual Artist/ Theatre Actor/ Olympic Speed Skating Addict
Favourite Colour: orange
Love of your Life: music
Guilty Pleasure: cinnamon on popcorn